Section of final piece #3

‘Always Anxious’ 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

So, I’ve recently been working on my third final piece, along with the other finals. After a tutorial with one of the painting tutors, we decided that I should aim for four final pieces in total for the exhibition, meaning I have one more left to do- eek!

This year has just flown by, well, to be honest the whole three years of uni have just flown by!! I am currently feeling terrified, excited, sad and happy, all at once!! Still, at least I won’t be leaving Aberystwyth! I have been accepted to do a Masters in Fine Art here, so I’m very happy!

I also completed my dissertation on Thursday, and got it bound today, so I think I’m on track! I just have to finish another piece for the exhibition, and then start helping to set up the studio for the exhibition! Exciting stuff!!


‘Depressed Tranquillity’ Final Piece #2

Depressed Tranquillity’ 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

Another final piece done!! I worked on this at the same time as my other final piece, but this one took a little longer to finalise. This is because I was a little unsure about this colour palette, as its very.. well… blue! The other piece is more of a blue/green colour, where this is a very prominent blue. However, I’m very happy with the final outcome, especially with the lighter and darker tones.

My favourite part of this piece is the lighter blue tone in the centre of the piece. I feel that it is a crucial factor in the composition, which just helps to give the piece a little something extra. The painting techniques used were similar to that of the other final piece.

In terms of colour palette, I used the blues to represent depression. The colour blue is generally seen as a ‘sad’ colour. However, since this piece helped to calm me when suffering from depression and anxiety, it has a tranquil underlying tone, which is represented by the paint application.

Tranquil Turmoil- Final Piece #1


‘Tranquil Turmoil’ 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm


Finally I’m pleased to say that I am really happy with a painting! So much so that this is one of my final pieces, which shall be featured in the upcoming exhibition (exciting!!).

I wanted to incorporate something from each painting I had previously done, including colour and painting techniques. For the colour I used a mixture of Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green and White. It is built up from many layers, beginning with a ground colour as to ensure no part of the canvas was exposed in the painting. I then used my previous technique of blending the paint into the surface in order to start building up a sense of depth, with the use of dark and light tones.

After this layer had dried, I added a further layer. I then began squirting water onto to canvas, so that the paint would drip down the canvas. I also turned the canvas around and did the same thing, as I didn’t just want the drips to go down one side.

To finalise the painting, I splattered white paint onto the canvas, as I felt this effect worked well in some of my previous paintings.

This piece was painted when I was depressed. However, I also felt a sense of calm. It is a strange feeling, being both depressed and yet calm at the same time. Its like being depressed, but at the same time feeling calm about it, as if you’re so used to being depressed you sort of accept it. That probably isn’t the most healthiest thing in the world, but it can be better than panic attacks and feeling extremely depressed or anxious.

Blue Abstract Finished: ‘The Blues’

The Blues’ 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

Finally, this piece is finished!! I thought it was finished previously, but after coming back to it after some time, I realised that it was nowhere near finished. That, I feel, has been one of my biggest problems recently; knowing when a piece is finished. I mean, it’s all very well with portraits, as you can tell when its finished, but with abstract work its very different. One day you could love the work, and the next realise you’ve only just scraped the surface of the painting.

However, I am now pretty sure that this piece is done. More layers of paint have been added, in addition to trying out different painting techniques. Large brushstrokes of lighter colour were added, in addition to letting the paint drip down the canvas. I feel by using these techniques, it gives the piece more depth.



So, I’ve just got back from a little holiday in Amsterdam, and it was amazing!! I went with a few of my uni friends as part of an art society trip, and I loved it!! It was my first time going on holiday with just friends, and, although it was a little scary, I overcame my anxiety and did it!! I am very proud of myself! Although it seems a strange thing to be proud of going on holiday, it was a huge step for me. These past months even leaving the house was a challenge due to my anxiety, but now look at me, I left the country and overcame my fear!

I also got the change to see some of the art museums in Amsterdam. I was particularly excited when I got to see  some of Willem de Koonings work; an abstract painter whose work has been a big inspiration for me this semester. Seeing his paintings in real life was incredible, and are definitely better than seeing them in books, so I would recommend going to see them! I also got the chance to visit the Vincent Van Gogh museum, which was fabulous, as he is also a big inspiration of mine. I even got to see the palette he used, which was incredible to see!!

Now that I’ve had a chance to have a break, I feel revitalised. I have new ideas and inspiration, and I can’t wait to get back to painting!

Circular Pink Abstract


‘Circle Abstract-Pink’ 2017, Acrylic on canvas,      40 cm diameter

More experimenting!! Instead of always using a blue background, I decided to try something different by using pink and purple. I think overall it works well as in terms of composition, in particular as it is on a circular board. However, I feel I have hit a brick wall in regards to ‘finding my painting style’. I need time to contemplate what I really want my work to represent, and so I’m going to have a week away from painting, just to clear my thoughts and get a fresh perspective.


‘Frustration and Panic II’


Frustration and Panic II’ 2017, Acrylic on board, 91 x 91 cm


As my panic continued, so did my painting. However, this time I thought that I may as well experiment a little on this piece- just to see what happens! Remember, ‘you have to push a painting to the brink of ruin to make it work!’

So, after applying the paint in a similar manner to my previous painting, I decided to try something different. I tried a lot of new techniques in fact. I tried applying more paint, scraping it back, using large brushstrokes of lighter colour, and allowing the paint to drip down the board.

Frustration and Panic


Frustration and Panic’ 2017, Acrylic on board, 91 x 91 cm

As the semester started to draw closer, I began to freak out. It had suddenly dawned on me that my third year at uni was close to ending!! As well as this, I was struggling with my paintings. They just didn’t look how I felt they should. They seemed unfinished; yet I didn’t know what they needed.

As a result of my stress and panic, these paintings were created. I began this piece as I had with my other paintings; using a blue background and blending techniques to create a calming feel. However, I then decided to use bright, complimentary colours with violent brushstrokes. This represented my frustration and panic. The colour palette was also chosen to represent frustration, as the bright reds, yellows and oranges symbolise anxiety, frustration and panic.

More experiments



More experiments!! Although people kept telling me ‘you shouldn’t experiment at this stage, you should just to the pieces you need to!’ I don’t believe that for a second!!! In my opinion, an artist should never shop experimenting with their work. If you didn’t, you’d just be doing the same thing over and over again, and that’s bound to get boring!

So, with these pieces I decided to experiment with complimentary colours. I also looked at different painting techniques and brush strokes. Unlike my other pieces, I wanted to try looking at more violent brush strokes in order to portray frustration.